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Re: White House Audi

    I think it is a 1991 200tq 20v that you saw!  Although these come badgeless
, many people add badges, hence why it only says Audi and Quattro on the trunk.
These have the same body as your 5k except flush door handles and flared fender
s.  As for the "nice wheels" you saw, these 200tq's came stock with 15X7.5" BBS
'deep dish' graphite alloy wheels.  And, as for the clean interior with supple
tan leather, I think this is because the 200tq's had the updated (nicer) dash
and sport seats.  Well, I think it is a '91 200tq that you saw, but we may need
a little more info to identify it for sure.  Does this sound like what you saw?
Anyways, I'd sure like to find out who in Washington owns this black beauty!