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RE: '91 Coupe q for sale - Pittsburgh area.

Outfit is called Auto Tech Performance.  Word I have heard on them is
not good; a friend contracted with them to do a 3.0 liter conversion on
a 914-4 (yes, folks, converting the VW 4 banger into a 3-liter 4-banger!);
after mucho money down the drain and over a year in the shop, they finally
yanked the car out of there.  Brought it into another local Pgh. shop (C&G
Performance), decided 3.0 would never work, had a working reliable car
back in a few months.  Another person in area lives less than a mile away
from Auto Tech, but would never bring his car there.

This Coupe has been in the Pgh paper for months now, so watch out! Phone
no. is 412/487-8384.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)

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Hi all,
This just relayed to me by my father who was in the area early this =
'91 Coupe q=20
Red Exterior
56k miles
At a dealer advertising in the Pittsburgh paper.
He called on the car, spoke with a salesman. Supposedly the car is =
spotless and never had any paint work done. They were asking $14,000, =
but quickly came down to $12,000. 11-11.5 would probably drive it =
home... Sorry, I have no number, maybe someone in the area could look it =
'90 Coupe q
'84 Jeep Scrambler