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Re: BTCC rounds 3 and 4

Virtual Bob <honge@creighton.edu> wrote:

>>From what I've heard, problem with Audi is not the added weight. Rather
>it's the more "powerful" Renaults. I heard this flip-flop of leader (which
>used to be Audi, even with the weight penalty) and tail-gators were quite
>sudden (very recent). I'm now hearing the talk of either limiting the HP
>on the FWD or weight penalty on FWDers.

That's inevitable. They could also reduce the weight penalty on the AWDs-
looks like they've gone too far this time.
>On the other news, I'm hearing things on Audi FWD A4 racing in some
>theatres (donno which). It seems like it's not going well for FWD Audis --
>they seem to finish toward the bottom of the list.

Commentator said the very same thing- it's in the German STW Cup. Strange,
because the AWD advantage on dry asphalt has proved to be much smaller. A
FWD Audi should at least be able to keep up with the pack on dry
surfaces... unless their engines are down on power, too.
Mmmm... I'll check out the STW Cup 'web site our friend Hans-Juergen S. has
so kindly pointed out to us.

Hoping for a VERY WET touring car season...



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