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Re: 1.8 turbo Passat tuned by ABT

In a previous mail message, Scott Stiles wrote:
>As I sit here waiting for my 1.8tqm, I have a question regarding what I
>think are [relatively] slow 0-60 times for tweaked 1.8ts.
>I remember reading about the ABT A41.8t in European Car, supposedly
>with 250hp, and scratching my head at the 6.5s 0-60 (or was it 100kph?)
>I would think that this car should be quite a bit quicker than this with
>250hp. I've also heard data on mid-7s 0-60 with the ~190hp "chip
>For instance, the US-spec M3 w/240hp is turning 0-60
>in ~5.9s. My Corrado SLC came very close to the 6.5s mark with
>178hp & FWD...

I think R&T just did a test comparison of the A4 1.8t (versus the Jetta VR6
and a couple others).  They got 7.5 seconds for the 0-60 sprint (if my
field operatives are correct) in the A4.  I suspect they had to do a
trademark (by C$D though) 5000 rpm clutch sidestep to avoid bogging the

Bob Davis