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Another QClub post

	Since I have been asking the questions about the QCLub, I assume
that Scott's "put up" post was pointed here, which is fine with me.  I
have been saying the same thing now for over 1 year---put up some answers.
Many pages of posts, not one damned answer.  Well, it is an answer, just
not to the *specific* questions I was asking.  

	Months ago I floated a post about setting up an event in Indy
which, if you haven't been there, has an outstanding *safe* track.  Don't
recall a chicane where you get to ride a guardrail in someone else's car,
but, maybe they have changed the track to make it more like a video game,
dunno.  Also said I would be willing to take the point on an event at
Putnam Parke, which may not be as great as Indy [especially when you
factor in rooms, etc.], but many professional teams rent the place--and
the Porsche Club has a hot event there at least once per year.  Putnam is
a very challenging track [it ain't Road America, I admit], and, there is a
guardrail coming out of the last turn, so....

	The sum total of responses I got on this idea was maybe a doz.,
with one btdtx_ not in the mix.  So, I chilled on the idea.  Frankly, I am
not taking the QClub to task in my posts...and believe me, well, nah.
What does concern me though [a wee bit] is talk of high insurance being
*one* of the causes of an expensive event [by *any* club's standard--at
*any* location] and then reading about an instructor flopping a non-race
car onto a guardrail.  In a race, that is racing.  In an instructional
event, with 3,000lb.+ daily drivers, and inexperienced people, is
operating out of control--pure and simple.  Now, if you want to stage an
event where we run out of control, great, tell me where it is and I will
be there smilin'--but people should know what they are getting into before
they pay the money.  

	I am done on this subject, sorry for the BW.  I will never ask a
question of the QClub again...unless someone throws one this way:)