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V6 90q on 128 this am - are you out there?

I was flogging the rental Geo Prizm on 128 north (south of Boston, MA,
USA, sorry for the WOB, Phil) this morning, and came upon a *very* nice
V6 90q, black, big wheels, with MA plate A4B. Are you out there? That
was me *leering*, not glaring, as you exited.

Which raises a crummy note: every time I leer at a nice Audi, the driver
always looks like they think I'm glaring, and glare back. A thumbs up
from me is sometimes responded to with the one finger salute. Oh, well.
Maybe the qlist decal would help, if ever we could decide what it should
look like.

-Ian Duff.
(1990 Coupe quattro in the shop, white Geo Prizm flogger in the