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Weight, 0-60 times, Corrados and A4s

>>  For instance, the US-spec M3 w/240hp is turning 0-60
>>  in ~5.9s. My Corrado SLC came very close to the 6.5s mark with
>>  178hp & FWD...
>> Second, you're SLC must have been modified, because even highly
>> modified vw's have problems hitting 60 in 6.5 due to lack of traction.  Stock
>> is just over 7 seconds for the GTI VR6, which only has 6 hp less and is
>> roughly the same weight.  

Things to look at concerning 0-60 times are not only HP and weight but
gearing and tires for FWD

The Corrado SLC as tested by Car and Driver in the June 1992 copy of their
issue was 0-60 in 6.4 seconds.   Being in my Corrado VR6, I can probably say
that 'feels' right..although I have never tested it.

With FWD cars, 0-60 times depend greatly on the tires used.    For example,
a set of Dunlop SP8000s are going to give you more traction than a set of
Goodyear Eagle GAs.  (The tire that comes on all VR6 Golf and Jettas in NA)
In 1992 the stock tire for the Corrado VR6 a mix of Dunlop SP2000s or
Uniroyal Rallye 440s...both better tires than the Goodyear Eagle GAs they
put on today.   Thus affecting 0-60 times published in the
magazines....(they test with the stock tires....whatever they get them with)

Gearing is another thing..the GTI VR6 is geared differently than the Corrado
in the lower gears....it also has 6 less hp.    Thus, the Corrado wipes the
floor with the GTI-VR6.    (I think the GTI is just slightly heavier....due
to its height, and bulk in the rear.)  So the Corrado is lighter too.

Another Corrado reference would be the difference between a Corrado G60 with
220hp and the VR6 with 190hp.  You would think the G60 would win?   But
usually the VR6s are faster......tourque curves, gearing, power
bands....alot plays into the 0-60 time.

I think 6.5 seconds for a 250hp Audi A4 1.8T is quite nice.   It may have
alot of HP, but there is nothing like a high horsepower 6 cylinder to
compare to a turbo 4 cylinder. 


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