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Re:old and new audi stuff

In a message dated 97-05-01 08:39:08 EDT, you write:

<< I was driving along last night behind two cars that caught my eyes for
 different reasons.  The first was a new A4 quattro.  I was looking at the
 car, and how pretty it was, but one thing bugged me a lot.  The newer
 quattros (read 95 to present) are physically no different looking!  No
 different wheels, no trim, no nothing.  It bothers me.  I come from the era
 when quattros were low, had big wheels and bigger attitudes.  What is up
 the rather discrete packaging?
 And the second car was a Pontiac 6000.  Now, I've seen these before and
 really thought about it.  But I thought about it this time...What the heel
 was Copytiac thinking, that they could build a model that was 1000 better
 than audi?  Well, I personally don't think that the 5000 is 1000 better than
 the 4000, but Ponitac must have.  I can just imagine them in their office in
 Detriot saying to each other "Hey!  I got an Idea that will really get the
 competition!"  I bet that guy lost his job after the incredible sales sucess
 of the 6000
 Any thought an ideas will be entertained, but not always accepted. >>