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Re: quick turbo question (fwd)

Steven Buchholz wrote:

> ... well, I own a 1985 4kq and would be interested to hear about a bolt-in
> turbo system ... I personally would want to compare performance and price
> against what is available by bolting in an MC engine though ...
> BTW, I drive within 1 mile of ND on my way to and from work ... if you get
> sufficient interest I wouldn't mind helping out as a direct contact.

Just so that we don't completely deluge Tim with requests, I have
already sent off a note and promise to share any findings with the list.

If we get that far, I'll remember your offer Steve.  ;-)


Gary G. Erickson         Member #82 NW Quattro Club
503-702-5789                  erickson@teleport.com