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Laguna Seca Historical Races

I got a notice on the Monterey Historical Races the other day.  Some of 
you may recall that I tried [unsuccessfully] to drum up enough interest 
to warrant an Audi corral last year.  I figured give it one more shot 
for this year.  The event is scheduled for Aug 15-17 and Carroll Shelby
and the Cobra are featured.  If we can get 35 people to purchase tickets 
in advance for a day we can get a corral that day (that is we need 35 
tickets on Saturday and 35 tickets on Sunday to have a corral both days.
It does not look like we can get a discount on the advance purchase this 
year ... One day tickets are $30, and a two day pass is $50.  

The BMW folks really do get into this event, I'd like to see that we can 
do the same for Audis!  I don't need a committment today, but I would like 
to hear back from anyone who is interested in attending.  If it looks like 
we can have a corral on one or both days we can do more detailed planning.  
If anyone wants more information, I can fax or mail the 2-sheets I got to 
you on request.  I haven't checked the web-site lately, but I'll bet you 
can get the same information from www.laguna-seca.com. 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)