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'88 80Q Parts...

	In 1985, I drove my first Quattro, a 4kcs. During the course of a 20
minute test drive in the pouring rain, I fell in love with the thing. Now,
finally, after all these years, I can finally use the phrase, "My Quattro".
It's a 88 80Q, with 135K miles, and it needs rather a lot of work. Most of
the bits I need, I have sources for, but the former owner butchered the
front door panels to install speakers, and I'd like to find replacements
for them. They're black, with pinstriped gray cloth trim. If anyone knows
where I could find a pair for a reasonable price, please e-mail me with the
	Also, after I've fixed the warped cylinder head, the burned out radiator
fan that caused the head to warp, the rear muffler (if you've got one of
these, you know what happened), and basically replaced everything wearable
in the front suspension (a-arm bushings, tie-rod ends, ball joints, etc.)
I'm looking to replace the tires (present situation: four tires, four
brands). Has anyone advise on going up a size (i.e. 205/60-14) or even on
going to 15" wheels? Any clearance problems? The wheel-wells don't look
like they have a lot of extra space.
	Thanx for all you help and input...

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