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decel/off throttle vibe-not front mount, then what?


Well, I adjusted the front engine mount thingie.  Put it all the way
down, and it still wasn't touching the rubber stopper condom thingie. 
Is that normal?  Anyway, although the car now feel much tighter, and I'm
able to get a little slip outta the front tires easier, the noise and
vibration are still present.  (I didn't think it would help since the
engine is apparently rocking the other way, if that's in fact the

It seems to be more prevalent in the higher gears.  Any new thoughts? 
Someone point me somewhere, so I can at least rule it out!

On the other 'noise' topic:  I have some cheap Pep Boys struts in there
right now, and since they are lifetime warranteed, I think I'm gonna put
some new ones in to see it that helps my 'loose' feeling in the front
end when hitting bumps and holes and stuff.  Maybe I'll fix the hardware
omission too, while I'm there.

Let me know, I'm open to any suggestions (relating to my car problems)! 


Ken Keith
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