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GREAT Pikes Peak news!!!!!

  Ok kiddies....I had anothernice converstaion with the kinds folks at
PIkes Peak the other day and I have some VERY good news! 

  As some of you know, Michele Mouton will be there for their "Parade of
Champions". So, the lady that I have been talking with at the event
headquarters is thoughful enough to remember me and the fact that we are
going to be there "representing the fact that the quattro made a
tremendous impact on the hillclimb" (those are my words). So, she has set
up one of the following for us.....1) She is going to arrange a dinner or
"come meet Michele" night for us ONLY at one of the local hotels a day or
two previous to the race or 2) she is going to have Michele meet us at our
"special" parking lot and talk/hang out/sign books/ whatever with us on
the day of the race!!!!! Now, I don't knowbout you guys, but I think that
is GREAT!! Personally, I will have my Sport Q book there for her to sign!
:) I told the PP people that it would be an absolute honor to get to even
meet her , let along "hang out" with her.

 So, on that note................

  I ask that ANYONE that thinks that there is even a remote chance that
they will be coming out for this fantastic gathering, please e-mail me and
tell me how many tickets you are going to need. I WILL be making the
ticket purchase on the 30th of May and after that you are going to pay
full price and you are going to have to fend for yourself when it comes to

  The reason that I ask you all to e-mail me about this is because I have
conpiled a list of all the people that have expressed interest in the
event. They will be getting e-mailed seperatly and indepndantly of the
list. What you are reading right now will be my last contact to the list
about this subject. I am also asking that you contact me no later than the
23rd and I MUST have your money in hand by the 28th. Sorry, but the PP
people set the deadlines, I don't. They said that I have to have the
tickets purchased by the 1st of June. The 1st of June is a Sunday, so I
have to have the money to them by the 30th (Friday). 

  Anyone that has e-mailed me about this subject and got a response has no
need to get basck to me again. I have your name on my list and you will be
getting updated very shortly after this post. Anyone that has e-mail me
and NOT got a response, well, I aplogise and you should-mail me again and
I wll do my best. If it is at all possible for you to keep the same
"subject" line, that would be apprecited too.  Thanks!

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q (Eiche ECU)