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Re: Racing Victories of the German Cars

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Michael Williams wrote:

> Ok guys, i am hoping that someone on this list will be able to help me. I 
> am wondering how many races Audi has won since they first started. Or at 
> least since it is available..and also for Mercedes, BMW, and 
> Porsche...this is part of that ongoing argument about how viable Audi is 
> as a manufacturer with my friend....thanks in advance...
> Mike
I don't have an answer- but in series such as rallying, the Trans-Am, and
touring car championship, Audi  has done respectably well. With cars
derived from production models- Yes, MBZ won Indy, but what did their '94
pushrod engine have to do with anything they've built in the last 50
years? Even my roommate's '57 220s has OHC! Also, I do not believe this is
fair: Audi as we know it came into being in 1969-
Porsche in 1948
BMW in 1929
MBZ before 1900! 
However if you want to count their antecedents, do remember the 1930s Auto
Union GP racer. It had four rings on the front. Arguably the most advanced
racer of the time: Much like th quattro in the 80s.