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Re: quick turbo question (fwd) -Reply

>Poor Steve,
>Just gets his new 4kq and hes already looking for the MC engine
>retrofit ;-).....join the team.
>Also, all previous posts related to the Callaway claim the cost was
>around $5k.   I think this sure seems a little steep for a "bolt on"
>turbo modification..anyone else feel the same way?
>BTW Steve,
>Maybe we can get a bulk discount on the MC mount if we go in
>--wishing I at least had an urQ to drive around occassionally  to
>satisfy the boost urges---
>86 VW Qtm Syn
You know, you guys ought to talk to the guy who works at a place called
Randolph Racing.  I've heard he's got a 4k with a 5000 engine in it.  I
lost the phone number a long time ago, but you should be able to find him
in a phone book.


Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com	dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu
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