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RE: quick turbo question (fwd)

 Would it make more sense to use factory parts for this venture? My
mechanic buddy harped on about this many times while I built my
Scirocco. He always reminds me that the factory spent 10s of millions of
dollars researching this stuff. In the case of Audis, there is no
shortage factory turbo parts.
 If I'm missing an important point here don't hesitate to point it out
to me.

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>In a note dated 5/1/97 Dan S. asks:
><<This tells me that there is still potentially a Callaway solution out there
>somewhere, and/or it is possible to engineer a bolt-on turbo for the 4kq. Any
>I'll bet there are given the number of people who do (and many more who would
>like to if the logistics were easier) convert 4kq's to turbo motors. The
>Callaway kit would be a good alternative as it would be perhaps be an easier
>shade-tree mod and 178hp would be enough to satisfy most 4kq owners. While I
>understand ND does not currently "own" this technology from Callaway, they
>could reproduce it if the numbers made sense. What production numbers would
>he need to make this a reality...it was already developed after all so what
>would his real costs of offering it be? I don't think deluging Tim with
>e-mails is appropriate. So, how's about a 4kq caravan to their doorstep on
>the day of their car show? ;-) That'll show there is some interest maybe.
>Mike Veglia
>85 4ksq (which I would love to have turboed, Callaway or Audi...someday)