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Re: a little history

>Yes, I did state that.  And in fact, it happened.  It seems that the
>series was run by Jack Roushe and all the other American car guys, and they
>felt that the Audi was just too fast for their liking, so they had the car
>banned.  It wasn't as fast in the dry, but in the wet there was no contest.
> I have a picture of the Trans Am 20v turbo 90 flying through the air, Hans
>Stuck driving, taken at Limerock.  I am sorry, I was getting a few things
>mixed up I guess. Trans_Am is run by SCCA, not IMSA.  My bad.  

The T/A Series has never been run by Roushe, It was managed by Wally 
Dallenbach back then.  90 was a IMSA GTO Car not the Trans-Am 200 which 
was also a 10V.  Been there raced against those.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO