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Does anyone have any helpful hints in regards to windshield replacement?  My 
'96 A4 windshield just got a crack in it from a stone, and I have to replace 
it.  I assume the dealer is very pricey.  Any thoughts on the "non-Audi" glass 
vs. something from the dealer?  Does this really matter?  I am naive about 
this cause I never had to do this in my 8 years of driving (yeah, I'm young!) 
and the last car was a used Celica, so I never cared either.  But, this is a 
keeper, and I'm looking to not have problems down the road.  Also, if anyone 
in the Washington DC area has had to replace glass and has a suggestions for a 
good place to use, I'd appreciate the suggestions. 

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q