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Transmission noise '90V8Q

 -=> Quoting Christopher Olson <=-

 CO> I recently began hearing a harsh metallic buzzing in my transmission
 CO> when I start up. I had it checked and found that the transmission
 CO> fluid was black and possibly had never been flushed in 88K miles. 

     Have you placed the Q on a lift when cold and checked the noise?
     Noises can be amazingly deceptive sometimes until you isolate
     the area they're coming from. About a month after I bought my
     V8Q I got a low "buzz" from the tranny too, somewhat metallic.
     To make a long story short, the noise was being caused by bad
     motor mounts causing low frequency vibrations which caused
     something (to this day I don't know what) to "buzz" when the
     car was cold.  I accidentally found this out when I decided to
     check out mounts, bushings etc. with a pry bar.

     Tranny fluid color: I vaguely remember reading somewhere that
     the color of the tranny fluid isn't an indicator of anything.

 CO> The transmission functions better now but it seems the

     Better than what? What is/was it doing? Is the indicator
     working normally? Does the S/M/E switch work?

 CO> T-fluid pump starving for fluid. He suggests that it would be
 CO> relatively easy and cheap to try changing the filter.  Does anyone have
 CO> another opinion?

     It might be worth taking the car to someone who specializes in
     Euro Automatics (especially BMW) to do the fluid change and
     poke around while there.  



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