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RE: An Official Audi Re-call

this recall is because audi told owners there was lifetime lubricant in the diff they have now decided to replace it with extremely expensive synthetic, they also give you a coupon to recive a free check and change after the initiall recall has been done.

From: 	Michael R. Douglas[SMTP:mrd@gte.net]
Sent: 	Saturday, May 03, 1997 10:40 PM
To: 	QUATTRO@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	An Official Audi Re-call

Attention All Audi Owners from 1985 to 1990:

I was contacted the other day via mail concerning a re-call concerning
my Audi.  I spoke
with a gentlemen about the re-call.  It seems Audi has found-out some
problems with the oil in the transmission diffs.  I was told to bring my
1986 Audi 5000CS Turbo down asap for the re-call procedure.  

Basically, they drain it, and put the correct fluid in, whatever that
may be.  I was told it is at NO COST TO THE OWNER!!!, (Yeee!!!)..  At
this point I will not be dooing so because I will be having my
transmission re-built anyway, and would not be worth my time or Audi's. 
If anyone has any questions concerning this matter, contact me and I
will give you the name of the gentlemen of whom I spoke with, and he can
explane further.  

Have Fun....  and Don't boost too high...

-Michael R. Douglas