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Re: QCLUB expenses [not so long]

Stephen Williams wrote:
>         Hmmmm.  I was under the impression that to be an instructor at
> QClub, a person needed to attend 2 events as a student and then go through
> some meeting / class type thing prior to teaching.  Not saying that is
> good or bad, but I don't think a person is qualified to be a lifeguard
> just because they paid to go to the public pool twice.  QClub could have
> excellent instructors, I don't know.  Rogues, however, should be screened
> out in a process that may need to be looked at a little closer.  BTW, I
> have several friends that have raced SCCA and IMSA---Bal*s to the wall
> racers they may be, instructors in street cars?  You oughta ride with 'em sometime:)
Bruce....I ride with them everyday....I am one.  As is my husband.  We
are trained to teach one that in order to go fast, first you must go
slow. Learning to race is not learning balls to the wall first.  It is
learning the techniques of car handling and car control.  Without this,
I wouldn't want to be in a track with you.  
>         Bruce

> > Always dreaming of the future,
> >
> > Trisha
> >

Always dreaming of the future,