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Re: Need a Pittsburgh lister's help

Not a Pittsburgher any more, but born an bred there, and owned Several
Audi's while there (what a great town for Audis especially quattros). 
Any one of the four (I think there's still four) Audi dealers in
pittsburgh, or you could try Auto Tech in Etna on Route 8.  It all
depends on how far you want to travel from where you are in pittsburgh. 
There is a Dealer in the South Hills on Route 19, there's a dealer in
Monroeville(Ted Mc Williams), one in Sewickly(Sewickly Audi/Porshe), and
another one I can't remember where...if it is still there)  Any way, I've
used Sewickly and Auto Tech, both of whom should be able to give you a
pretty good Idea of what it's worth and what sort of shape it's in. 
Just a side note, I went to the University of Pittsburgh, (94 grad), and
I think I remember this car...and it was owned by a student...which might
be a red flag right there, he or she may have not been able to afford to
give it the expensive TLC it deserved, but I could be wrong.  
Anyway good luck.

91 pearl 20v200TQ
91 Toyota MR2 (for Sale)
86 300ZX
96 Suzuki Bandit
90 Kawasaki EX500(wife's Bike)
On Sun, 4 May 1997 19:32:33 -0400 (EDT) Bryan Bowen <boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu> writes:
>Okay, I may have found a car.  '88 90q silver/black.  In the Carnegie 
>Mellon University area.  The car needs a little body work and I was 
>wondering if anyone in the Pittsburgh area could suggest a reputable
>place that could give me an estimate.  I would also like the name of a 
>dealer/shop that could do a pre-buy inspection for me.  I will not be 
>able to get up there for two weeks, so any help would be appreciated.
>Bryan Bowen
>Elon College, NC
>International Business Major/Spanish Minor
>'86 CGT Comm. Ed. (gone, but not forgotten)
>Adding a new-to-me Quattro to the list soon