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Re: audi sightings on I-90 near issaquah washington

In a message dated 97-05-04 22:56:26 EDT, rrae@cotl.com (Rusty Rae) writes:

> I saw a convoy of like 4or 5 audi's heading west on I90 outside issaquah
>  today about 5:30. Anybody here?? A red audi gt or urq, didn't get a good
>  look at it, a white 4000, a gold 4000, and a brown 5000. I was the red
>  4000 heading east. I wonder where everyone was going?
>  Joe


No idea about that one. I'm from Ballard, northern part of the city of
Seattle, and I teach at Bellevue Community College week nights- so I use
I-90. Saw a few quaint Audis in good shape now and then. It's funny but these
days I'm seeing more '78 and '79 5000s in good condition driving around- not
like before. Is it because they are nearing the 20th year mark? I just bought
a '78 rust colored 5000 S (100 5S) for $420 back in Feb. I was amazed at its
good condition. Thank God Washington state prohibit salt on snowy roads here.

1978 100 5S
1981 200 5T