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Re: Need a Pittsburgh lister's help

I live in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, and also a University of Pittsburgh
student. For the body work, I suggest GIS Automotive (487-4470) on route 8,
north of Pittsburgh. Some deviant keyed my '92 100S about a month after I
bought it. For approximately $150, they repaired the scratch, and it looks
brand new. For the mechanical checkup, I suggest Foreign Traffic (449-9999)
again on route 8 north of Pittsburgh. I had them do a preliminary check on my
car when I bought it for about $50. The three Audi dealers in Pittsburgh
(Sewickley Car Store (Sewickley), Three Rivers Audi (South Hills), and Day
Audi (Monroeville)) are all at least a 45 minute drive from where I live. I
have had most service done on my Audi by Foreign Traffic, and thus far no

'92 100S (62k)