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Re[2]: can't open door

     I've used VW door handles on my 5000s.  Yes, it didn't have the proper 
     assembly for the rods, but I was able to use the one from my broken 
     handle (the cast metal broke...all to common).  Also, instead of two 
     screws at the rear to mount to the door, there is only one with the 
     VW.  It does, however, line up perfectly with one of the screw holes.
     VW used was a Quantum, and a Golf (not to sure, may have been a 

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Subject: Re: can't open door
Author:  Kwattro@aol.com at !INTERNET2
Date:    5/5/97 2:56 AM

In a message dated 97-05-04 17:09:44 EDT, you write:
<< YI, if you say you have a 85 VW Rabbit, your cost for a door handle is
 reduced 50%. Go figure
 John >>
Whoa, wait a minute.  While I too have had my share of door handle problems, 
I am close to absolutly sure that a VW handel will not fit a 4000 door.
 Although they look pretty much the same, the VW just contacts the metal,
there are no rods involved.  The Audi has a bunch of rods that connect to the 
handle.  I don't even think that the rears are the same.  Oh, and by the way, 
there were no 1985 rabbits, that was the year that the Golf was introduced.
 (c:   .   Not to pick on you.....