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ur-q MAC02 wierdness

happening again. Then, after an hour of driving, I let the car
idle as I was unloading it. All of a sudden it shuts off. Won't
restart. No spark at the plugs. Tank full. The cold start relay
receives voltage but I don't think that's controlled by the
brain. No fuel from the injectors.Help, please. I think the TAP
chip is screwed. The car  wouldn't start when I first got the
chip back from TAP in January. I sent it back and they took
out the socket and repro'd the old chip and soldered it back
in. It ran fine after that. Now nothing. I'm in the NJ area, is
there anyone close and willing to do the quick swap. It will
allow me to go ballistic at TAP. Thanks.

 Start by tracking down both the fuel and spark paths.

- does fuel pump run?
- voltage to FP relay?
- voltage to FP?

- is distributor lined up?
- are ref mark sensor and speed sensor hooked up and working?
- start going over the coil connections?
- ever replace the ign control unit? small black box w/7 pin connector
  on under side of passenger dash

I would start by doing a cursory check of all the above. It seems odd
and unlikely that both fuel and spark would quit simultaneously.

Dave Lawson
83 ur-q
86 GT