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Dwell angle on A100 2.2i

Hi all,

I went out and bought one of those Draper Digital Automotive Analysers model
DMM5, like the one Phil said about, and decided to check out my dwell angle.

Thing is, the Haynes manual suggests an angle of between 43 and 65.  At
1000rpm, the meter measures about 16, at 2000rpm about 30, and at 3000 or
more about 45.

At what speed should the dwell angle be between the 43 and 65?  I assumed
that this should be at idle.  My engine type is WC, with K-jetronic.

Could this be contributing to my warm idling problems?  Engine is running
fine otherwise.

With regard to the meter, I'd recommend it to anybody.  At only 26 it seems
excellent value. It measures 3,4,_5_,6 and 8 cyl. The quality feel of the
unit is equal to that of my 68 electronics multimeter, and even comes with
a nice padded case.



P.S.  Anybody know of any independent Mitsubishi Owner Clubs, US or UK?
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