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Re: RI Audi Q's for sale...

Red 90 Quattro, in RI for sale.

Whew!  I wouldn't recomend this car.  it is a pre 20v car. The BBS's are in
bad shape paint wise, they need to be repainted.  The paint looks nice, but
the just buffed it.  It has a lot of nicks and dings, with one big dent up
front passenger side.  The motor ticks (according to the guy, but I think it
may just be normal audi lifters)  It has (Gasp!)  152,000 miles.  THe guy
said it was going to the auction, and if I were to buy it it would be "AS is"
 He said "AS is" about 6 times, then finally told me that he wanted 4000$ for
the car.  I laughed!  I cried!  I hurled!  If you are still interested, car
410-885-5355, ask for Tony Petrone.  I really wouldn't buy her, though. She
looks un-cared for.  The other car was weird, the black one.  I got closer.
 It was sold, but it looked nice.  I don't think it was actually a quattro,
though.  It had what looked like a 4000Q rear spoiler, and no Q badge on the
front, although it did have the BBS's and rear badge.  Was this an early 80?
 I thought they all had the box spoilers, until the later V6 90 came out.  Oh