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Memory Seats--Passenger Seat Power--NOT

Well, the Memory Seat feature of the Drivers seat, and the
Passenger Seat Power Adjustment is not working on the ole 
'87 5000CS TQ.  Power Seats work on the Drivers side but
without memory.  Checked the #23 fuse per the owner's manual
and it's fine.  

Referred to Bentley, but I can make neither heads or tails of
the electrical diagram, except that it looks like there is
a power relay to the memory control.  

Can anyone help?  My wife will be unhappy if she gets in the Q and
can't adjust her seat :(

Does anyone know if and where there is a power relay to the memory
seats/passenger seat, or what else might be the problem?  (do I need
to check the license plate light? or maybe the tire pressure?!?!?)

'87 5KCSTQ
'93 100CS