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Re: June C/D

Virtual Bob wrote:
> Containing preview of '98 A6. Cool. On page 106, see the donuts in action
> (yes, it DOES work!). A4 long-term test report. VAG confirms up-market
> strategy on VW and Audi to go against Mercedes Benz...

Nice article on the new A6 - it looks like a winner.  For more info
check http://www.audi.de - they have some good images and a 32 page
press release you can download and view with Acrobat Reader.  I've got
my parents convinced to trade their '93 100s for the new car with, of
course, quattro.

A4q long-term was interesting in that they loved the car despite having
major problems.  How many listers have gone through an alternator and a
manual tranny in 32,000 miles?  These seem to be unusual failures,
particularly the tranny.  I always thought of them as pretty much
bulletproof with many *clutches* going over 100k.  I guess they don't
care that dropping the clutch when you can't induce wheelspin is a bad
idea when it comes to longevity of driveline components.  All I know is
that my '90 CQ with 78k on the clock has never had a major failure of
any kind (knock-on-wood).

I'm not sure I understand the VW strategy to compete with M-B all the
way up the line (a 12 cylinder luxo-VW???), while leaving Audi to
compete with BMW for the sports sedan market.  Either C/D mixed the
facts (what a shock!) or they're smoking something funny at VW hqts.


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA