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Used parts needed

Hello, virtual club!

Three questions for Henderson and anyone else parting out a late 
44-chassis Audi (FWD or AWD, '87 and up, I think):

1. Do you have a clutch pedal, that you are willing to sell? I don't need 
the whole assy (cluster) nor the return spring. Just the pedal itself. A 
44 chassis Audi can have either a slim steel clutch pedal or a massive 
cast alloy one with ribs. I need *ONLY* the latter, it's p/n is 443 721 
R.S.V.P.  A.S.A.P., please! My car is totally NFG at the moment!

2. I am also looking for a motor assy from an outside mirror, left or 
right (I don't need the glass, just the motor with the clutch and the 
plastic ring/cams/levers). The motor assy should have only 3 wires coming 
out. The early cars had 4-wire motors, I have a coule of those in my junk 
pile. While the electrical rewiring is no problem, the older bracketry is 
different from the newer one. Too much of a pain in the butt to swap the 
guts with mine, so I'd like to install the original, if anyone has it.

3. I also need the injection control unit (a black plastic box, size of a 
cigarette pack, located behind the driver side kick panel). 
It's p/n: 
Audi - 443 907 393P
VDO  - 412.202/016/003


Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ,