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Re: Need a Pittsburgh lister's help

In a message dated 97-05-06 02:16:00 EDT, you write:

<< >I'm not from Pittsburgh, but in Fall '95 at Brainerd I met Mike
 >Goliwasz, a tech at Three Rivers Audi who brought his TQC.  Good guy,
 >seemed very sharp, and definitely into quattros!  If he's still there,
 >that place would be a good bet.
 Not Mikes TQ and he's not at that dealer anymore.... In fact he does'nt even
 work on that TQ anymore.
Mike is repairing tow motors now, after a stint repairing diesel locomotives.
 The dealership at TRA, lost most of their mechanics, who started their own
audi repair shop, if interested, post me privately, and next discussion with
Mike, I'll ask.  After a 1yr+ hiatus, he is indeed wrenching Charlie Days tqc
again, in fact, it's in his driveway now, after the Grattan fiasco (rich fuel
+ air leak).  Mike says he has to "relearn" the car after that long, but
figgrs it shouldn't be too long...  Mike himself drives a tweeked 4kq, and
his wife a 100.