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Rattle followed by white smoke!

Hi all,

I need yet more advice from this amazing knowledge base.  My car is the
infamous '82 2.2i A100, with the 5-cyl WC engine.

I was driving home on a short run, and whilst accelerating, at about
4000rpm, there was a rattle from the engine, followed by a large puff of
white smoke. No power loss, and the engine is not loosing any water.

The engine has only previously done this at a steady crusing speed on the
motorway, at about the same engine speed.  (only rattle is less pronounced
due to wind noise).

The engine will smoke alot if I engage a low gear down a long hill, or
similarly engine braking. Also at about 4000rpm.

Is my engine dying?  It's only done 145,100m.  I was expecting to see 200k.
I normally only accelerate to 3000 - 3500 rpm max before changing.  So I
haven't mis treated it badly.  I never accelerate hard or go above 3000 when

What do I do?  Shall I just go out and buy a new A8 4.2 Quattro? :-)



P.S. Anybody know of any independent Mitsubishi Owner Clubs, US or UK?
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