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Re: Ticking sound

Ron wrote:
> For about the last 5 -6 years ( a long time I know ) there has been a random
> ticking sound in the cam area.
> What am I over looking?


I have the utmost confidence that it is the brake vacuum booster on the
driver side of the engine.  There is a pushrod inside that rides the
cam.  Take it off, take out the pushrod, and see if it goes away.

You can leave the rod out, and it won't make any difference worth
mentioning.  If it solves the problem, you won't have to buy lifters or
pull the cam or anything!  Replacing the gasket would be the prudent
thing to do, although I didn't do it on a past Coupe GT, and it didn't
cause any problems.

Now, how many other listers have heard of this problem?  ...Yikes, not
so loud!  ;-)


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