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Re: Calgary service

I haven't actually had my quattro serviced by any one. I purchased it 
recently and have bought the factory service manuals, and so far have 
done everything myself. I did have several cars checked out by Norberto 
at Quattrotec (ph 291-1555) in the NE. Norberto seems extremely 
businesslike, and very knowledgable and was instrumental to me finding a 
good car, as he basically spent two hours showing me what problems to 
look for on a quattro. David Mueller (another Calgary list member) likes 
Bernie at Benesto Enterprises (ph 226-0875), but don't expect the red carpet 
when you get there. They seem very knowledgable, and have very good 
prices, but they are not very businesslike. I have also talked with Ted, 
a senior mechanic at Southcentre Audi/Porsche (ph 225-6681) quite a bit. He 
really knows his stuff and has been very helpful, but I suspect that he 
would be the most expensive, since he is at the factory shop. Hope it helps.


On Mon, 5 May 1997, Colin Gans wrote:

> Hello, Rob.
> I am a new quattro owner (1990 90Q) and wonder where you would suggest I
> have my vehicle serviced in the Calgary area. 
> Thanx
> Colin