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[Fwd: Re: S4 and Big Brake Kits???]

KWeiner64@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone have big brake advice for the S4 :
> Hoppen:  use the brakes from the current A8/EuroS6+ which are 314mm rotors
> and bigger dual piston calipers with all mounting hardware and pads - cost: a
> cool $2650
> TAP:  AP racing 4 piston calipers with 314mm rotors, braided lines, fluid,
> pads - cost: $2150.
> Anyone tried these systems or driven a car that had them -

I will be hanging the 314mm AP Racing system on my '91 200q this weekend
with any luck at all.  I intend to post my first impressions of this UFO
replacement/upgrade in the near future with later track evaluations.
BTW,the system was developed by KVR Performance of Ottawa Ontario.
Kent Crossley, '91 200q, IA stage 3 ecu mod