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Re: "an H plate" (was: Re: Saw a gread Ur-Q)

On 7 May 1997, Michael Shields wrote:

> > The car is on an H plate.
> What does this mean?  I see _Car_ magazine mention it also; it seems
> that in the UK plate numbers are assigned in some sort of pattern
> which I don't know about.
> -- 
> Shields.
> ['86 Coupe GT]

Over here, the first digit of the registration plate is a letter.  This
letter changes every year, on August 1st.  e.g. A would be Aug 1983.  So
the H plate is 1990. e.g. H123 RJC

My car was registered before 1983, so it is a Y plate.  The letters are
put on the other end for pre '83.  e.g. WPD 292Y.


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