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A90 overheat: Thanks and more

Thanks guys, it seems that your tips have:
- prevented the mechanic from bullshitting us (the fan does work)
- saved us from an immediate $400 expense  (no more warning so far after
toping up)

One more question before I let you feel good about yourselves... ;-)
The power steering is making ugly groans on full  lock turns. The first
time it did that, I noticed the fluid level was a bit low (not much
though), added some and it was better for a while. It's back now, but
the fluild level is OK. Is it another case of needing to overfill ? ;-)
(hope not)  Or might it be a big $$$ expense coming our way again ?
(the car's got 96000 miles)

Many thanks guys !  I appreciated your help and also shoving it to the
mechanic that wanted $400 ! 


91 A90, 96 GTI-VR6