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Oil seive

Car:  '87 5ktq - chipped
History:  Owned since new, religious oil changes, sythetic since 72k
Miles:  130,000
Problem:  Oil river by oil gasket.  Car runs fine with oil cap off, and
dipstick pull, no difference.

*  PCV system for obstruction = clear
*  Oil drainback holes = clear
*  Oil jet fitting in head = yes
*  Compression tested = 130psi all cyl (with plug pull one at a time)
*  Leak down not dropping on any one cyl steady and consistent cyl to cyl
*  New valve cover gasket
*  No obstruction in block feed hole to PCV
*  Removed and clamped pcv at valve air boot.  Open block and cover, car
still leaks oil, runs fine.
*  New lifters

*  It seems that a lot of oil is at the head, with obstructed drainback (why
car runs with oil cap off).  Dave Lawson suggests oil pressure test = today.

*  Any other ideas or similar experiences from the list?

Any ideas on this greatly appreciated.  Haven't seen this in 50 5k's I've
come in contact with to date.

Scott Justusson