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Re: Rubbing noise in steering column

In my '91 200q, I had a similar noise caused by misalignment of the plastic
cover behind the steering wheel:  the steering wheel would rub in a couple
places, which was only noticeable at parking speeds (quiet rubbing noise).
 Check to make sure it's placed correctly (the cover probably consists of two
pieces of plastic held together around the steering collumn by two
phillips-head screws from underneath).  Good luck

Chris Miller
Windham, NH
'91 200q
'86 4000csq for sale!

<<<<<<I have a '92 100S with 62k on it. When turning the steering wheel in
direction, a rubbing noise is heard. It does not affect the steering any, but
is very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this problem? According to the
NHTSA, Audi placed a service bulletin out on a problem similar to this. This
is one of those "secret warranties" I have heard mention about, I guess. It
says it is due to improperly aligned  components in the steering column. If
this is the case, will Audi realign the steering column free of charge? 

'92 100S (62k)>>>>>