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Re: new Civic or used A4 1.8T

In a message dated 97-05-07 14:22:13 EDT, you write:

<< ow about a 200?  You could buy a '91 with the 20-valve engine and
 have some cash left over for engine and suspension upgrades.
 ['86 Coupe GT]
My friend recently went through this.  I told him about all the cool cars he
could buy with the money he had, ranging to a Porsche 911.  But he bought a
new Jetta, 1997.  I think that while some people prefer to buy a better older
car, some like the break their own in.  And while I would pick a 200 20v
turbo over a civic, some people would rather have a car with no problems than
the possibility of the car breaking down every 10,000 miles.  Remember, the
200's are now 6 years old, along with the V8's and the 90 20v quattros are
still 6 years old.  even the last of the 90 quattros are now going on 3 years
old.  But I can't say anything about age...all three of my cars will hit 12
years old this fall.