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Re: Rubbing noise in steering column

In a note dated 5/7/97 you write:

<<I have a '92 100S with 62k on it. When turning the steering wheel in either
direction, a rubbing noise is heard.>><snip><<If this is the case, will Audi
realign the steering column free of charge?>>

Not if the cause is dirt/grit/dust build up on the horn contactor. (The
common cause of this annomoly in Audi steering wheels of old and maybe yours
too.) There are posts in the archives re: how to fix this. Beware it may
require removal of your bomb, er airbag, equipped steering wheel to clean and
re-lube the horn contactor though. I have had very good results squirting
Tri-Flo in there and working it in by turning the wheel (without removal).
Most recently the problem has now been cured for more than 2 years this way.
(I have done this with several Audi wheels I have owned over the years...it
works for me but YMMV.) HTH

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq