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NEQ WebSite Changes

Hi All,

The Northeast Region Audi Quattro Club USA (NEQ) WebSite will be
changing to better assist you with ways to participate in MotorSport
events and further ways to increase and improve your driving skills.

Our Region is  fully committed to the principals as set forth by the
Quattro Club USA . We are not a "racing or racing prep." club, we are an
educational organization which provides it's members with driving safety

The NEQ hosts the Driver Schools and Safety Seminars at Watkins Glen and
Lime Rock each year. These are not race or race preparation events, but
offer a safe, controlled environment in which participants may explore
the handling limits of their Quattros.

Since our WebSite came online in 11/96 there have been several continual
uses that seem to represent what is needed at this site:

1. Lots of Audi Quattro Links with expansion to other Clubs and events,
2. Getting people together to participate in events that are hosted by
other qualified MotorSport clubs,
3. Communication for special interest groups, such as TSD Rally teams,
4. Event updates.

This WebSite is a public site and is here to let folks know who the NEQ
is and what is going on concerning the MotorSport experience and ways to
further develop driving and safety skills. There are a number of very
well organized MotorSport Clubs in the Northeast (NER SCCA, FLR SCCA,
MOHUD SCCA, COM SCC, TCNE etc. (please don't be offended if I didn't
mention your favorite club)) who put on Autocross, TSD Rally, Hillclimb,
Ice events, Time Trials etc. All of these diverse events will improve
ones driving skills (If asked, I will say that you use these
opportunities at your own risk).

In order to increase the opportunities for our members and interested
public to expand their driving, safety and handling skills we have
adopted a "Good Club Neighbor" policy. In short this means we offer
these other MotorSport clubs our members as event workers, additional
publicity(for their events) and other assistance. All we ask in return
is that  our members be allowed to participate, as a group, in their

Most MotorSport clubs are made up of volunteers who are committed to
styles of MotorSport events that capture their interest. It takes a lot
of volunteers to put on a Track Event (Eventmaster, Chief Instructor,
Instructors, Corner Workers, Pit Chief, Tech. Inspectors, Safety and
Flaggers etc.). The other styles of events also have a large demand for
workers as well.

One of the reasons that MotorSport clubs come into existence is for
social involvement centered around a common interest. So, getting back
to where this WebSite is going . . .;

1. to keep you informed of what events our club is hosting,
2. to keep you informed of events that are being presented by other
MotorSport clubs,
3. to continue to expand our Links to sites of interest to Quattro
MotorSport enthusiasts,
4. to help get teams together (a TSD Rally TEAM needs a Driver &
5. to promote our "Good Club Neighbor" policy,
6. to evolve to meet the needs of MotorSport enthusiasts,
7. to have safe fun . . . etc.

There is one aspect of our WebSite that will be eliminated and that is
the Club Operations and Management message center. The links to our
Membership Chairperson and the Quattro Club USA WebSite can be found
our Directory Page (the QClub USA membership form may be found on the
QClub USA WebSite).

These changes will begin on 5/8/97.

If you have any suggestions and/or wish to assist in the maintenance of
this WebSite, please let me know.

Bob W.
NEQ http://www.netaxis.com/~zcritter/index.html