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Re: A4 Dealer 'Mark-up'

At 21:10 +0000 5/7/97, delta@redrose.net wrote:
>       I am seriously considering an A4.  I would like to know what I
>can expect as far as the dealer 'coming down' from the list price.  I
>checked out the Kelly Blue Book WWW page, and saw that the A4
>(Quattro, Sunroof, Manual) for LIST for $26,980.  The Dealer invoice
>(according to KBB) would be $23,990.   That is a $2990 markup.  (I am
>also interested in the CD-Chager, which isn't included in the above
>       What mark-up could I expect to pay to the dealer?
I had a dealer quote me a zilch markup from  http://www.autobytel.com (he
forgot to add the cost for the sport package, even though he had it listed
correctly). When he discovered his mistake he said he would sell me the car
for $800 over cost (KBB wholesale + 1% for local advertising) rather than
the $1200 over cost for a quattro equipped unit. Although the price was
good, I walked out after being lowballed, but I di not make a scene because
his counter offer was quite good.