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Re: S4 and Big Brake Kits???

KWeiner64@aol.com wrote:

> Anyone have big brake advice for the S4 - I want to run my stock 16x8" 
> 5 spokers in the winter so from what I've been told I can't go bigger 
> than 12.4" (314mm) rotors (FYI - the stock rotors on my car are 276mm 
> or 10.9").  So far I've only talked to two vendors and so far my 
> choices are the following:
> Hoppen:  use the brakes from the current A8/EuroS6+ which are 314mm 
> rotors and bigger dual piston calipers with all mounting hardware and 
> pads - cost: a cool $2650
> TAP:  AP racing 4 piston calipers with 314mm rotors, braided lines, 
> fluid, pads - cost: $2150.
> Anyone tried these systems or driven a car that had them - any
> advice/opinions greatly appreciated.  Anyone think this sounds like too 
> much dough for this stuff - Is there anyway to do this for less with 
> same quality and part availability??

I have Hoppen's (Audi's) brakes on my V8 5-spd.  Good stuff, but as you
noted, big bucks for big brakes.  (Price was $2950 last fall.)  In my
kit, he sent Earl's braided lines (non-DOT) along w/ the wheel bearing
housings, calipers, bolts, etc.  Wheel bearings, strut bearings,
bushings, nylocks-- none of that stuff included.  You would reuse your
hubs and backing plates.  The Audi brakes will fit under your stock
wheels; I put the same type on my car (16x8 ET40 5-spoke from an S4). 
BTW, the rotors are also thicker than the 276's:  30 mm vs 25.

The car stops quickly and straight.  The pedal feels wonderfully firm
(1" MC helps).  No fade on the street and bias seems OK, but the car has
not been on the track, so final judgement reserved.  Not much dust, no
clattering, very well-mannered.

The pads and rotors are not the same as on the US A8's, and so are not
in the US parts system.  If you have a friendly parts guy, he might be
able to get them, but assume you'll be going back to Joe and Mike at
some point.  

> bilstein/Eibach suspension

How does the suspension feel?  And which shocks-- the sports w/
"standard" valving, perhaps?

Good luck,

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ