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Unexpected benefits - fuel pump replacement

A few days ago I replaced the in-tank fuel pump on my '90 200tqw.  It was
making the 'bees-in-your-back-seat' sound...some said it would last a long
time that way, others said replace it immediately.  Well it was pretty easy
to do other than the prospect of blowing yourself up, but anyway....so the
new one is nice and quiet.

However, as a result of replacing the pump I noticed some other unexpected,
positive benefits:
- car starts *much* quicker, hot or cold
- off-idle throttle response has greatly improved
- overall, the car seems to run more smoothly

I'm not sure why unless fuel pressure was marginal with the old pump.  But
the benefits were immediate and real...so if your pump is getting noisy,
replace it and maybe you'll fix some other problems........SLM

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
....Mainly Mopars; also '88 90Q/'90 200tqw/'88 635csi; other stuff
......BMWCCA #93xxx, FCA, USCC, QCUSA, Wagons of Steel, etc.