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Re: Opinion for 91 200 Quattro


>Thanks for every one who replied to my original message. One of the 
>replies stated I should see 1.8 bar on the turbo when accelerate hard in 
>3rd gear. I drove the car again today and I was only seeing 1.6 bar in 
>third gear. Do you think it could be possible that the reading can be 

I just went through this with my 200TQ. The book states that the max 
boost is between 1.71 and 1.82 depending on elevation above sea-level. 
The 1.82 number is at sea-level with the lower number for higher 
elevations (there's a range in the book but I don't have the details). 
Also, you may want to try a lower rpm "roll-on" in 4th gear up a hill. I 
find that I pull max boost of 1.7 (and I'm at sea-level) using this 
method. In summary, if you are at any elevation above sea-level then an 
indicated 1.6 is probably max boost.

It's a *great* car.