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93 90CS questions and answers (slightly long)

Hi folks!

I've been noticing a lot of valve noise in my 93 90 lately, moreso than
usual.  Is this a sign of impending doom?  Or has the dealer switched
brands of oil?

Second, the problem with my air conditioner that was "fixed for good,
really, I mean it this time," has come back.  I've had just about every
part of the A/C replaced in this car (all under warranty) but they still
can't figure it out.  It just cuts out at random times, usually when I
get into the car after it's been parked in the sun, and won't work until
it feels like it, usually when I'm pulling into the driveway or the
dealer.  Any ideas?

Third, there was a lot of grumbling about the rear speakers in the 93+
90s cutting out.  Mine was also having the problem of having a *loud*
static 'puff' (not like a pop, like a puff!) in the right rear speaker
when turning it on and off, and a *loud* whining noise much like
alternator whine that matched the rpms of the engine.  I decided that it
was probably something related to those amplifier boards in the
speakers, since the problems didn't exist in the front speakers.  After
close inspection of the boards I didn't notice anything visually wrong
with them, but then got an idea: maybe the glue that attatches the
speaker and the board is pushing the board so it shorts out on the metal
I decided I had nothing to lose, so I cut the cardboard off the back of
some pads of paper, and used that to insulate the circuit board from the
metal enclosure.  So far, it's worked like a charm!  This is after 3
head units and 6 rear speaker replacements by the dealer...

I'm hoping that works, so they don't replace the #*&#@*&@#$# thing