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ur-q: The Price is Always Right

     The going price for an ur-q is very, very, dependent on condition and 
     history. Much more so, in my opinion, than other Audis. One of the 
     reasons for this is the number of cars built. In the US there were 
     ~500 cars imported, I'm guessing maybe 400 left on the road. How many 
     of these are in good/great condition (100)? I know some change hands 
     for 5-10K US and some of these cars are genuine bargains while others 
     (particularly near the 5K mark) are probably worth more in parts i.e. 
     the amount of money to bring the car back to good condition would be 
     significant (and it still probably wouldn't be as good, as a car that 
     cost 8K).
     Many ur-qs don't have their original engines or at least the original 
     head. Like clutches, if an ur-q has it's original head, and 120,000 
     miles (apart from being surprised:) I would drop my bid by 2-3K. 
     Similarly for turbos., one that's running an original oil cooled turbo 
     is worth quite a bit less than one with a new, or even better, water 
     cooled turbo. 
     I feel the adage of buying the best car you afford when buying an ur-q 
     is extremely important. I've been restoring a Canadian spec '83 for 
     over two and half years (yeah I know I'm slow:(), I don't want to 
     think how much money will have been dumped into the car.... The car 
     will be appraised before I start driving it and I would expect it to 
     be valued at ~$15K (Can). It will be worth significantly more to 
     Most of the "unfortunate" sick people who buy ur-qs are simply 
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Personally, I hope the ur-q maket hasn't bottomed out. I'd like 
     to buy another in a couple of years.