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Re: carbon canister

At 10:05 AM 5/8/97 -0400, Alan Schunemann wrote:
>Just bought a 200tq. MD inspection can't find the carbon canister so it 
>failed. They pointed to where it should be along the firewall. There's a 
>rail that looks like something could slide on (right side, over exhaust). 
>My mechanic tells me that the canister is in a different location than 
>the naturally aspirated vehicles. I guess the mount would still be in the 
>turbo since it is the same frame. Is this the case? I saw what looks like 
>a canister mounted on the right fender (behind air box). Could this be 
>the canister?

MD inspection needs to get a clue...Unka' Bart, can you help?  I think one
of those blue ones might do the trick :)

The "rail" (bracket) on the firewall originally (earlier cars) held the
windshield washer bottle.  That bottle is now down low, up front.  That
bracket on our cars ('91 200q--i think some earlier 200s also have it) is
for the optional "intensive washer" system which uses a much higher pressure
and concentrated fluid.  I've never seen this option in the US, but someone
else may have.

The can on the RF fender, behind the air box, is the fuel filter, at least
on mine.  

The charcoal cannister is buried in a fender somwhere--if it's like my old
Rabbit, right side.

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